antithesis paradox difference

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The simplest way to differentiate the two is that antithesis is a contrast or opposition to something else. Usually, you have a thesis and the antithesis is the contrast or opposition to the thesis. A paradox is a self-contradiction, an oxymoron, or a word/phrase that signifies two contradictory meanings. Therefore, a paradox is like
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As nouns the difference between antithesis and paradox is that antithesis is a proposition that is the diametric opposite of some other proposition while paradox is a self-contradictory statement, which can only be true if it is false, and vice versa.
This will uplift the calibre of your brain about Antithesis, Paradox and Oxymoron. This will help you to identify them and use them.
What is the difference between antithesis and oxymoron? - Quora. Finally (I will not do all of them) take "paradox" and split it again to find the etymology. Fiji water case study summary
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